Crotch plastic surgery

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Lowering of the crotch is one of the most common postpartum problems and results from an injury, incision or stretching of the perineal tissues.
Perineal plastic surgery is performed to restore the normal anatomy of the crotch and vaginal vestibule. It improves aesthetics but, above all, reduces the risk of vaginal infections and improves the quality of sexual life.

¿Qué beneficios tiene?

Results of the operation are multidirectional. First and foremost they include improvement in aesthetics, but equally important from the medical point of view are effects such as reducing the risk of vaginal infections and improving sexual sensations.

¿Qué necesitas saber?


vagina, crotch

Problema resuelto

abnormal anatomy of the crotch and vaginal vestibule

Frecuencia de aplicación

The procedure is not repeated

Duración del tratamiento

30 minutes


Durable anatomic and functional effect
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No, the procedure is performed under anaesthesia.


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