Moles under the magnifying glass
¿Qué beneficios tiene?

Ambroziak Clinic has a modern videodermatoscopic device, Fotofinder, with software that allows the creation of an individual "skin lesion map" for each patient, covering the whole body (body scan), allowing monitoring the evolution of pigmented lesions (so called moles) and non-pigmented lesions, detection of newly appearing nevi and computer analysis of the skin lesions structure.

This is a very important tool in the prevention of melanoma, which mainly develops de novo (i.e. on the basis of healthy skin and not from already existing nevi), and the patients themselves often do not notice skin lesions appearing gradually over time and do not monitor changes in the colour, shape and structure of already existing lesions.

¿Qué beneficios tiene?

early diagnosis significantly increases the chances of complete curing

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