Special cosmetic treatments during the breastfeeding period

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Convalescence after childbirth and care for the baby is already a heavy burden for any woman. Cosmetic treatment will ensure nice relaxation and a time to depart from the daily routine while taking care of the skin, which was subject to serious hormonal changes during pregnancy and childbirth.
Pregnancy and childbirth were a huge effort for the body. Therefore, mothers deserve small and large pleasures and, above all, a little free time to take care of themselves. Let's give ourselves some time to find ourselves in a new role and not take on additional big challenges right away. Let's start with light and pleasant things, which can additionally help our skin and body to regenerate and return to radiant appearance. Cosmetic treatments offered to new mums at Ambroziak Clinic will give them relaxation after a long pregnancy as well as the regeneration they and their skin deserve.

¿Qué beneficios tiene?

In addition to giving great relaxation and taking care of the skin, the advantage of the beauty treatments suggested below is that they can be performed almost immediately after giving birth, or during the breastfeeding period. For mums just after giving birth we recommend Intraceuticals treatments: Rejuvenate + Boosters, which can be 4 treatments recommended individually, or as a series of 6 treatments. Each uses the Rejuvenate Serum as a base - for deep hydration, lifting and tightening after each treatment. Enhanced Intraceuticals Serums contain special ingredients that are released and activated during the treatment. Your beautician will recommend them as an "upgrade" for your regular Rejuvenate treatment or to customise a 6-treatment series. We also offer the Diego Dalla Palma mum & baby cosmetic programme designed to regenerate the skin, increase its elasticity and prevent stretch marks. The complete program includes treatments to be performed at the clinic and home care. The preparations are based only on such natural active ingredients that are suitable and safe for future mums and effective in combination with the beneficial properties of the unique massage. The Mum & Baby program accompanies the future Mum throughout pregnancy and after the birth of the baby in the form of specially developed products.Oprócz dania ogromnego relaksu i zadbania o skórę, plusem przedstawionych poniżej propozycji Procedureów kosmetycznych jest również fakt, że mogą być wykonywane niemalże od razu po porodzie, czyli w okresie karmienia piersią.

¿Qué necesitas saber?


Whole body

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Not very elastic skin, tired after pregnancy

Frecuencia de aplicación

A series of 6 treatments or individual treatments tailored to the client's needs.


Both post pregnancy treatments offered at Ambroziak Clinic will give the new mum an opportunity to make her skin more flexible and refreshed. Cosmetic treatments at Ambroziak Clinic are carried out by the best beauticians and with the greatest attention to detail, thanks to which they put women in a state of deep relaxation. Once the products enter the skin and the first effects appear, the skin will be more radiant and elastic, and the muscles relaxed, thanks to massages accompanying the treatment.
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Treatments at the clinic are based on very thorough application of professional products by a beautician. The treatment is very relaxing as it is combined with massaging the products into the skin of the future mother. After the treatment you can immediately feel the difference in elasticity, firmness and appearance of the skin.

No, absolutely not! Treatments performed at Ambroziak Clinic are very pleasant.

Yes, for visible and lasting effects, the treatment ought to be repeated 6 times.

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